Frequent Ask Questions

1. Why is NH Vege F’bre Plus different from other fibre supplements in the market?

NH Vege F’bre Plus is made from 100% natural ingredients. While other fibre supplements mainly help in maintaining bowel regularity, NH Vege F’bre Plus goes a step further. It restores the optimum body system by detoxifying and ridding the toxin out of the body. It also provides vital nutrients for the body’s overall well-being as well as stimulates weight loss naturally by increasing the body’s metabolic rate and stopping the body from absorbing as many calories.


2. Who will benefit most from taking NH Vege F’bre Plus?

People, who have chronic constipation, lead sedentary lifestyles, have imbalanced diets or unhealthy eating habits and are over-weight will benefit most from taking NH Vege F’bre Plus. These unhealthy habits cause toxins to accumulate in the body and make the body system work sluggishly.


3. What are the effects/ symptoms from taking NH Vege F’bre Plus?

The most common effects are passing out dark green stools. This is normal and is due to the green pigment in vegetable powder and chlorophyll.


4. Can NH Vege F’bre Plus be taken with other medicine or supplements?

As fibre may interact with the absorption of other medicine or supplements, it is advisable to take NH Vege F’bre Plus at least 2 hours before or after taking any medicine or supplements.


5. Is NH Vege F’bre Plus safe for daily consumption?

Yes, NH Vege F’bre Plus is made from 100% natural ingredients, thus it is safe to consume daily without any side effects.


6. Can NH Vege F’bre Plus help in slimming?

Yes. NH Vege F’bre Plus helps promote weight loss by expelling toxins from the body and limiting the absorption of excessive carbohydrate, fat and calories by the body. It helps soften stubborn fats slowly and rids them out of the body. As it also speeds up metabolism, combining NH Vege F’bre Plus with a balanced diet and exercise will easily get rid of the extra pounds away.