But, is Vitamin C alone enough to boost immunity?

Studies have shown that the consumption of 0.2g Yeast β Glucan daily helps boost immunity.

NH Immue-U, a refreshing natural orange powdered drink that combines 3 natural immune-boosting ingredients: Vitamin C, Yeast β Glucan, Prebiotics (FOS & Inulin) to give your immunity an EXTRA boost!

While each ingredient has its own important functions in supporting immune system, but when combined, they can provide synergistic immune system support to take your immunity up a notch!


Vitamin C (1,2)

• A well-known immune-boosting vitamin

• A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress.

• Supports the production of immune cells (white blood cells) and enhances their function.

• Helps enhance the body’s antibody levels.


Yeast β Glucan

• A type of beta (β) glucan extracted from edible yeast that has been proven to help boost immunity.

• Its immune-boosting effects has been recognized and approved by the Ministry Health of Malaysia.

• Helps improve the function and reactivity of immune cells to destroy potential pathogen. (3,4)

• Also acts as an antioxidant that helps reduce cellular damage. (5)

• An anti-infectious agent that can help inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. (6)


Prebiotics (FOS & Inulin) (7, 8)

• As feeds to the good intestinal bacteria and promote their growth.

• Helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment for better digestive health.

• The digestive system houses 70% of the body’s immunity.

How to Consume

Mix one sachet into a glass of cold/room temperature water (about 100ml). Stir well and drink after preparation. Take one sachet daily after meal.

Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

Source: Home Tester Club
Berkualiti, terbaik, berkesan
Saya sangat kagum dengan produk ini, kebetulan semasa Saya mengambil produk ini, anak Bongsu Saya tiba-tiba demam Dan selsema, sehari selepas itu anak-anak yang lain Dan Suami Saya juga mengalami demam selsema, tetapi Saya tidak lansung dijangkiti demam atau selsema, produk ini berjaya membuktikan keberkesanannya.

- Fatin, Selangor

Boost Up Immunity!
Convenient packaging, easy to bring it anywhere. Tasty. Was having cold & cough and NH Immue-U came just in time. I feel much better after consume even in just 3 sachets. Definitely will recommend it to others.

- Mazrina, Selangor

My Immune Booster
I have been taking a lot of vitamin C these days to protect myself from covid19. It is definitely more enjoyable to take supplements in the form of drinks than taking pills, moreover, it absorbs better! I also noticed that I sneeze lesser than before and more energetic than before. I feel more healthy after taking NH Immue-U. I love it. Will definitely repurchase it after this. Thankyou!

- Flo, Kuala Lumpur

Rasa oren, sedap dan enak.
Pertama kali rasa sgt suka sbb rasa oren, tidak juga masam dan tidak juga manis. Mudah di bancuh dan larut. Sebelum mencuna memang dah selesama, esoknya selepas try rasa lega dan berkurangan selesema ni.. tkasih bagi sy peluang mencuba produk ini... Recommend

- Maslina, Selangor

Helps boosting my immune system
Very convenient packaging, can take to anywhere and just mix it with water. Helps decrease my chances to get flu. I've always have running nose during morning. After taking this, it helps me a lot

- Zi Hao, Perak

Healthy delicious drink
Just happen that I was having cold & flu when I received this product. Without hesitation I started taking Immue-U once daily. I did not take other medication during this time. To my surprise I recovered from flu after 3 days without any prescribed medication. I guess it was Immue-U which has helped a lot in the recovery.

- Hui Li, Selangor


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