Frequent Ask Questions

1. What is the difference between Natural Clenx Tea and other slimming tea in the market?

Natural Clenx Tea™ is the only slimming teabag which made from the organic green tea and natural herbs. In medical aspect, it is recognized that it has purifying, reducing blood fat and fat level as well as slimming benefits. Natural Clenz Tea™ individually sealed in sachets for your convenience and to maintain tea freshness.


2. How does Natural Clenx Tea work?

The natural ingredients in Natural Clenx Tea works by softening accumulated waste and increase muscle activity in the colon. It helps regulate digestion system and propels waste in the large intestine to the rectum. Take it regularly to effectively maintain an ideal body shape.


3. Some people said that colon cleansing will expel all valuable nutrients out of the body. Is this so?

No. This natural herbal tea does not over-stimulate the intestines or cause lethargy associated with excess nutrients loss. By removing unwanted waste, our body can easily absorb the nutrients in the digestive tract.


4. I’m currently taking supplements and medication, is it suitable to drink it with Natural Clenx Tea ?

Yes. Natural Clenx Tea is made from 100% natural herbs, and until today, there is no scientific proof that consuming herbal and other pharmaceutical products will cause side effects.

For best result, it’s recommended to wait at least 4 HOURS, before or after taking other supplements and medicine.


5. How long does it take to experience results?

While results vary among individuals, you will generally experience positive changes after 5-6 hours. Natural Clenx Tea works gently and does not cause diarrhea.


6. Who should take Natural Clenx Tea ?

• Overweight • Obesity • Constipation • Fatigue • Insomnia • Bad breath • Bloating