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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NH Detoxlim Plus™ safe?

NH Detoxlim Plus™ is an unique, improved new formula that combines 6 types of 100% natural herbal essences. It does not contain animal ingredients nor damaging chemicals. Before released for sale to consumers, each batch is strictly tested to ensure that it does not contain any prohibited drugs. This product is tested by the Ministries of Health of Malaysia and Singapore and approved as not having any side effect even after long period consumptions.

NH Detoxlim Plus™ has a detoxifying effect. Will it remove nutrients from the body?

No. In the process of cleansing the alimentary canal, NH Detoxlim Plus™ only softens long accumulated stubborn toxins and excess fat but not nutrients, even when improving your body shape.

Do I need to go on a diet when consuming NH Detoxlim Plus™?

You need not go on a diet when consuming NH Detoxlim Plus™, you are encourage to consume 3 meals per day as usual, as well as drinking more water.

After attaining the slimming effect, do I need to continue consuming it? Can I Stop?

It depends on your eating and drinking habit. If you continue to eat and drink excessively, or like to consume fattening food, it is suggested that you continue consuming it to remove unwanted fat and prevent the accumulation of toxins. We suggest that you consume 2 capsules of NH Detoxlim Plus™ every night to maintain a slim body.

How long after consuming NH Detoxlim Plus™ can I see the slimming effect?

The length of time for slimming effect varies from individuals. This is because the rate of metabolism of each individual is different and therefore the effects of slimming and weight loss are different. On average within a few weeks, those who consume the product can begin to achieve their ideal slimming effect.