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Frequently Asked Questions

I have tried lots of slimming products. Why is NH Detoxlim® different?

General slimming supplements causes loss of body fluids and sometimes even essential nutrients to reduce body weight. As the remedy offered is superficial and temporary, you will gain back weight as soon as you stop using these slimming supplements.

NH Detoxlim® works effectively to soften and remove the accumulation of hardened build-up of wastes and fats. It also accelerates the breakdown of fat and regulates our digestive system to facilitate bowel movement and ease of excretion from our body. Since the benefits are accumulation and long lasting, daily supplement with NH Detoxlim® will help prevent build up of excessive fat in your body and to maintain an ideal body weight and shape.

Is NH Detoxlim® safe to use?

NH Detoxlim® contains 100% natural ingredients without any animal ingredients or harmful substances like fenfluramine or sibutramine. NH Detoxlim™ is tested and approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia and is very safe for consumption. The external gelatin is certified HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia and is suitable for consumption by Muslims.

I am on supplementation and medication, can I still take NH Detoxlim®?

NH Detoxlim® consists of natural herbal ingredients and is not known to have caused any side effects even when used on a regular and long term basis. It is safe as a regular supplement to reduce and maintain your ideal body weight and shape.

Do I have to exercise?

Exercise would certainly help any weight loss programme but more importantly exercise is a major contributor to good health. Even a 15-minute brisk walk is effective in promoting your general well-being.

Do I need to continue with NH Detoxlim® even I have lost weight?

It depends on whether you continue to consume a lot of high fat food or deep-fried food. Usage of NH Detoxlim® is recommended if you continue to consume lots of high fat content food.

How soon can I see the effectiveness of NH Detoxlim®?

Most users experience significant improvement within 2-3 weeks. However, as the benefits are accumulative over time, the longer it is used, the more significantly obvious the results will be.