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3 Simple Steps

3 steps to slim down your figure!
Phase 1
Purifying ( 1st - 2nd week )

Increased frequency of defecation to 2 - 4 times daily. ( Frequency differs with each individual.) During excretion, the hardened build-up of toxins and wastes will smell very bad. Colour of urine will turn from light to deep yellow.

Phase 2
Regulating ( 3rd - 4th week)

Frequency of defecation reduces to 2-3 times daily. NH Detoxlim™ helps in accerelate the breakdown of fats, gradually regulating the digestive system whilst helping to reduce body weight.

Phase 3
Shaping Body And Losing Weight ( 5th - 6th week)

Frequency of defecation maintain normal from 1 - 2 times daily. NH Detoxlim™ helps to eliminate fats from the adipose tissues (body fat) and daily diet. This helps to reduce body weight gradually, get rid of unsightly bulges and to maintain an ideal body shape.

IMPORTANT : If your defecation is less than once a day during

Phase 2 : To increase dosage from 2 capsules daily to 3 capsules twice daily.

Phase 3 : Maintain 2 capsules twice daily, always drink plenty of water. This helps to accelerate the fat elimination process.

As the benefits of NH Detoxlim™ is accumulative and long lasting, the longer it is consumed, the more significant of the results. NH Detoxlim™ contains 100% natural herbal extracts, making it very safe for continued and prolonged consumption without any adverse side effects.